the sheffield bears and elsewhere

finally! i’m out and about once again!

back in june we saw that there were going to be 60 BIG bears to see around the city of sheffield. We booked a few days for the second week in september – we didn’t want to go too early as we don’t like it too hot.

day one;

on the day we went, it was going to be 28°c (yikes!!) the first part of our journey went smoothly, but our second train was 45 minutes late and then abandoned us at the stop before our stop (12 minutes further down the track). it was lunchtime so we sat in the shade outside the station with our pack-up looking at chesterfield’s spirally spire. 45 minutes later, we were back on a train to finish our journey!

we saw the first bear just outside the station.

‘colours by charlie 2’

the human spotted another one – in the wrong direction – just along the road.

‘plants and bees’

we made our way towards our accomodation, stopping now and again when we found a seat or some shade – or another bear.


finally we got to the purple palace and luckily the room was ready. as it was reasonably reasonable we’d booked a pp-plus room which had a little fridge, ‘free’ water and choccy bars.

a popp-sized choccy for me and poppy popp

after a rest, a food shop, a rest and dinner (with chips), it was time to find some more bears – the first two were outside the cathedral, including steampunk bear who reminded us of our friend toddy – the original steampunk bear.

‘steampunk bear’
‘sunshine, lollipops’

here are a few more we found…

‘city of trees’
‘sheffield allsorts’
‘peaky the bear’
“hello, do you know my friend zacky?”
poppy popp saw a shop from where she was created & was reminded of our friend willis
‘quaser one’

we then went through the winter gardens where there were many of the smaller bears, plus theo bear

“hello theo”
‘bare necessities’
i think our friend snuffy would like ‘two heads are better than one’
‘nano bear’
‘bear impressions’
‘super bear’

so that was day one – sixteen bears seen, but still many more to find…

day two;

we were out bright and early to find some more bears. after quite a long walk we found these ones;

‘nebula’ looking up into the night sky
‘woodstock’? he’s not even yellow!!
‘butterfly bush’
“don’t blink…”
‘polka dot suit’

after dinner (with chips) we were going to make our way to the train station, but some roads were blocked with building work and we were getting further away (plus we were getting a bit tired) so we stayed in sheffield – and came across a couple more bears…

‘sheffield folk’
‘be nice & be together’

as we’d missed our afternoon out, my human thought it would be a good idea (it wasn’t a good idea) to catch a supertram (starts singing ‘breakfast in america’) to meadow hall. but a couple of stops before, she decided to get out to go to ikea – once in, and after a couple of minutes she was already beginning to feel claustrophobic so we tried to get out – it was like a maze, this way and that way, this way, that way – HELP! let me out!! finally after about half an hour we were on our way back to the supertram

and breathe

so we ended up at meadow hall, saw a couple of bears and travelled back to the pp with a still grumpy human.


ten more big bears seen – 26 in total

day three;

we went a slightly longer route to the train station to see if we could find a couple more bears

‘pastel pattern patchwork bear’
‘stony point’
‘peace bear with chilli pepper’

we caught a train to chesterfield to look at the spiraly spired church and look round the town.

st mary and all saints church
old buildings

after looking at the spiraly spired church and going round the town – and buying chrimbo cards (is it too early…?) we went in the church on our way back past.

church window
my pub…

once back in sheffield, we walked a different way back to find yet more bears…

‘thank you sheffield children’s hospital’ front…
…and back *giggles*
‘polar painter’
a small bear called fuzzy – named by me ;o)
another small bear, inside the cathedral

dinner was a hummus salad-y type thing (no chips) – it was surprisingly yummy!

peace gardens – bear missing :o<

six big bears today – 32 in total

day four;

before checking out of the pp, we had a short walk to find a bear by the quay.

‘bear hug’
victoria quays
my type of garden – wild & fuzzy

after checking out (and leaving our cases) we went on a long walk – about half an hour – to find one last bear.

one last goodbye with toddy…
‘hendo’s bear
opposite the bear
one last hurrah

two last bears today – 34 in total

as well as my new t-shirt (you may have noticed it) we bought a ‘bears of sheffield’ tote bag, notelets and a paint your own bear (see jeremy! bear not cake!).

after dinner (with chips – normal order was restored) and a few minutes in the peace garden – it’s quite noisy with all the rushing water fountains – it was time to collect our cases and make our way back to the train station.

we got home on time.

it was nice to be out and about again, albeit in a more careful way.

tatty bye for now, xx

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