the minis go fourth

as the mini’s were unable to get back home for a while, mini snuffy decided he’d help with decorating the popps abearment – he chose a lovely greyish purple



but after the first coat, he was told it was a bit too dark so mixed a lighter shade for the walls.

he had a little rest before laying and painting the new floor…



IMG_4630 (2)

you’ve done a grand job snuffy!

once the furniture was back in, the popps played with legonotlego building blocks and had cookies.



finally at the beginning of july it seemed safe to send them back home. it was a bit chilly here, but mini tweak was confident that he’d only need his new trunks on because it would be hot in portugal.


saying goodbye

junior and poppy popp drove them to the airport

IMG_4740 (2)

have a safe journey snuffy and tweak


missing you already…

less than a week after they had left blighty they were back with willis, and a few days later they had a trip to the coast…

snuffy and tweak

photo; copyright willis hendrix

thank you willis for letting them visit

*hugs* to all xx

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