travelling mini snuffy and mini tweak stay a while longer…

the day after returning from our trip to llandudno we had some snow, but it had gone by the time we’d found the sledge


snuffy opened the window to see the snow

a couple of weeks later, it was a nice enough day to show the mini’s around town. it didn’t take long…

first we went to the park where there were early signs of spring


blue spring flowers


in the bandstand

then we went in the castle, famous for it’s collection of neddyshoes


mini snuffy and tweak with (a copy of) the oldest neddyshoe


tunnock’s teacakes – toddy’s favourite


i’ve found a dragon! i’ve found a dragon! *gulps*

next we went to the museum


a desk from grandmama’s old school


♫ la la laa ♫ – on a singer…


junior, snuffy, tweak, fizz & poppy on a milk cart

one friday, for no apparent reason, the human googled when there might be a steam train passing through – and it turns out that there would be one the next morning! mini snuffy went to have a look

IMG_4137 (2)

“it’s coming! it’s coming!” *zoom* “it’s gone!”

in the second week in march we had a day trip to ely. we had a walk along the river, by a park and on to an antique centre with lots of things that the human wanted to buy. then we went for lunch…


“did you know eels come from ely snuffy?” … “really? ely eels?”


spring flowers in the park

snuffy is a big fan of rainbows, so he enjoyed his colourful meal


no room for cake…

after lunch, we walked round to find oliver cromwell’s house – he wasn’t in.

we had a 2-for-1 ticket (for travelling by train) so went for a look – we wouldn’t have paid full price, but it was okay.


oliver cromwell’s house


kitchen fireplace


a view of the church (no, i can’t see it either…)

not far away was the cathedral. we had a 2-for-1 for there as well, which included entry to the stained glass museum


looking in a cannon


octagonal roof


painted ceiling






the round window

a very nice cathedral. a *fuzzy recommendation*

it was then time to make our way back to the train station (via the antiques centre – tut tut). a lovely day out.

we were due to go away for a couple of days at the end of march, but it had to be cancelled, so the popps, ellis & lyndon had a sleepover in the sheepherd huts

IMG_4530 e

“let’s go see if the others are up”



we’re hoping snuffy and tweak will be able to return home as soon as possible.

stay safe, stay home, stay strong xx

3 thoughts on “travelling mini snuffy and mini tweak stay a while longer…

  1. Thank you so much for another beartastic travel blog Fuzzy Bear! We so much appreciate your beautiful photos and report!

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