mini snuffy and mini tweak visit – part one


not long before chrimbles, there was a knock on the bearhouse door – who could it be?

IMG_2998 (2)

“knock knock” ‘who’s there?’

mini snuffy & mini tweak had come from sunny portugal for a visit. it took a few days before they felt able to remove their hats.

IMG_3001 (2)

ooh, presents!


decorated for chrimbles

on the first bright day of the new year, junior took snuffy and tweak on the bus to stamford.

while there, he found a tractor and trailer in a charity shop and took the visitors for a test drive across the meadows.


‘hold on tight’


duck race

there was just enough time for cake before they had to catch the bus home.

they were very generous slices – the chocolate cake was about two inches wide!


chocolate cake 8/10 … walnut & coffee 4/10

the next week, although not very warm it was a lovely sunny day so they caught a bus to rutland water.


along the long dam

IMG_3120 (2)

the iconic normanton church by the water’s edge


getting nowhere fast

IMG_3134 (2)

picnic and a rest


one mile…


two miles…

IMG_3162 (2)

the great tower


time for a rest on the beach


considering a paddle


i’ve estimated that they walked six or seven miles, no wonder they had to keep resting!

new hats have been made and they’re all packed and ready for their next adventure – a few days in wales, not forgetting to pick up little wheatus on the way.

IMG_3208 (2)

all aboard the poppmobile

to be continued…





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