a late minibobs to cardiff

we wouldn’t normally book a minibobs for so late in the year, but in the last week in november, sydney and our new brofur lyndon fuzzy furrington from #toddyshug had a few days break in cardiff. this is their blog…


going past lyndon’s old home where we always used to shout hello when we went by…

sydney *waves*;

we had decided to stay in the bay, as it was cheaper; it took a while to get there by bus from the train station – i’m sure it would have been much quicker to walk!

the hotel was right behind the millennium centre, so we were hopeful of a nice view – oh, a car park…

we dropped our bags off and were soon out about the bay to make the most of the remaining light;


yikes! on the fierce doggy


norwegian church


the pierhead building


millennium centre

the next morning, tuesday, we caught a few trains to bath, getting there at about 10:30am. fuzzy has been a couple of times, but didn’t see much on either occasion (the closest he’s been to having a bath).

there were a few ‘sheds’ ready for the chrimbles market, but we were a couple of days early for that.


bath water


duck, son and pinker

we saw that the abbey was free to go in, so we went in…

it was a bit noisy due to having work done but it was a nice building.


inside bath abbey


lighting a candle for grandpaw toddy


there were a few embroideries, this being my favourite *sings* i closed my eyes,
drew back the curtain (ahh, ,ahh),
to see for certain,
what i thought i knew


lyndon sitting on the door


bath abbey after the rain


we’re at the weir


a hare

i liked it very much, it was reminiscent of york – without the city wall. i’m sure we’ll be back soon.

when we got back to our room there was a very noisy noise; long story short – we were moved to another room.

the next morning, wednesday,  the human went out without her brolly after seeing the forecast was for mainly dry weather; then went back for it when she saw the actual weather. i wisely had my mac on. the morning was spent in the shopping centre until it finally stopped raining at about noon.


green-eyed bunny

IMG_2770 (2)

cardiff christmas market – hooray, the rain has stopped

we had a look at the christmas market stalls and bought three badges; one with ‘the beatles’, one with a ‘biscuit’ and one with a rainbow stripe. two pounds well spent!IMG_2872 (3)

we then had a walk to the park, passing the castle wall with it’s flock of deer




sat sitting on a seat

later, we were back at the bay…


our new room with a view


what is says on the millennium centre



thursday was our last day. we spent the morning around the bay

IMG_2828 (2)





mister blue sky




checking out


moody blue


diddly bob in the red building


the ceiling light – the human definitely didn’t lay on the floor to take the picture ;o)


part of a piece of art

after some lunch, and collecting our cases we decided to walk into town – it was definitely quicker than the bus! we had a while before needing to catch the train home so went to the market to get a bag of welsh cakes – yummy yum yum! a perfect ending to our minibobs.

sydney and lyndon signing off; byeeee *waves*


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