three popps go to liverpool

hello, it’s junior, fizz and bay here – in mid october, we stayed in birkenhead just over the water from liverpool – here’s a miniblog of our minibobs.

it wasn’t a good start as the train we’d booked to go on was cancelled and we had an hour wait for the next one…


after arriving mid-afternoon, we popped over to liverpool in the evening and walked along the waterfront & around the albert dock


wednesday was spent in southport (this is rotten row), and formby (we didn’t see george)…


…and in the evening we went back to liverpool. *sings* “we all live in a tub of margarine”

IMG_2353 (2)

birkenhead from liverpool


on thursday we went to crosby to see the noodiemen

IMG_2368 (2)

and walked along the beach to the next station


anyone for tennis? can you see his ball? *giggles*


“are we nearly there yet?”


back in liverpool we saw a super lambananana – we’ve seen them a few times now and have just realised that the front half is a lamb, and the back end a banana! #brainboxes

IMG_2388 (2)

liverpool from birkenhead

IMG_2394 (2)

on friday morning we went to port sunlight – here we are on a big bar of soap doing the bear salutation


a row of lovely houses

IMG_2401 (2)

*sings* “we just blew in from the windy bank, the windy bank is mighty pretty but they ain’t got what we got, no sirree”


we went to the lady lever art gallery to see some fancy art and had a piece of dry ginger cake

IMG_2412 (2)

then it was up to new brighton for a couple of hours


on saturday we went to the tate. the most exciting thing was the free lockers…


some dizzy-fying floor art *flop*


a proper lowry

IMG_2446 (2)

a strange picture – oops, it’s the human – tra la laa


after that we went to the john & yoko exhibition in the museum of liverpool – it was supposed to have finished in april


i left a message on the ‘paper’ wall


view from the top

soon after, it was time to catch the trains back home – yay! no delays!

until the next time, bye bye :o) :o) ;o)


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