weymouth by train

firstly, i’d like to dedicate this post to our great furend toddy furrington who we lost in august – thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog posts –

we miss you xx

we’ve been to weymouth many times, but have always travelled by car – this time we faced a seven hour journey by train *gulps* – actually it wasn’t too bad!

when we got to the hotel, the room number was 42, which according to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and toddy, was the answer to everything!


what is our room number?

we got up fairly early on thursday to catch a bus to lyme regis which was a scenic hour and a half journey along the coast.

junior and fizz sunbathed on the harbour beach while i went in search of a sandwich…


*sings* oh, i do like to be beside the seaside…

…but all i found was a cobb – the old harbour wall. it was a blustery day so i didn’t climb on to the top of the wall, but sheltered behind it (or in front – whichever) looking out over the harbour.




lyme regis is a nice little seaside town, with the beach, harbour, the town mill and some lovely shops, but it is a little hilly (or a big hilly).

on friday we stayed in weymouth.

for elevensies we had a piece of red velvet cake & a choc hazelnut milkshake (more a milkfroth, but it was very nice). as we had two strawbreeze we’re counting it as one of our five-a-day.

8/10 for the cake. 9/10 for the milkfroth


‘fruit’ cake ;o)

we then walked along the beach, round to the harbour…


a big ship

…over the town bridge, and into the park to have our lunch and then looked in some shops before going back to the hotel for a couple of hours rest.


view from the park

then we were off out again to have some dinner. we had a nice view over the harbour from the restaurant, but there was a tremendous downpour just before we’d finished our dinner which made the buildings shine out against the grey sky.


pie & tatties with a view over the harbour


a teeny tiny rainbow

on saturday we went on the train to wareham then caught a bus to swanage – we had a while before the bus was due so walked into town – the human told me to sit on the wall and then started laughing – i don’t know what’s so funny :o/


ohhh, wait a minute…

the bus dropped us off right next to the train station and there was soon a steam train pulling in and some furrys were waiting to get on board by the look of it.


hello puddycats!

after lunch we had a walk along the beach, then back towards the pier. we stayed quite a while on the pier because it was nearly double the price it was the last time we went on and the human wanted to get her money’s worth – one pound fifty pence! i know – shocking! *rolls eyes*

while we were on the pier we heard the lambrettas, vespas and other poppops arriving


i want one!

i had my usual visit to see digby before going back to the beach


digby biggy bear

as we hadn’t had cake, and we were at the seaside we had to have an ice cream




and then we decided to watch the train coming in again before catching the bus back to wareham and the train on to weymouth.IMG_2197 (3)

we’d been planning on going to a car boot sale in dorchester on sunday but it had rained quite a bit during the night, so we didn’t go too early. there weren’t very many stalls at all when we got there, even inside, but we did get some lovely ducky cruets.

we then had a walk to a big antiques centre which was fun to look round and bought a wooden duck and a little car.


three quackers and a brum brum

it was time for dinner when we’d got back to town and junior decided to have a piece of cake for his pudding

7/10 for the carrot cake


carrot cake

we had a walk in town then caught the bus back to weymouth

after a rest at the hotel, we had a walk along the seafront in the evening.


looking for shells

monday was our last day in weymouth – we’d have liked to have stayed a little longer but when the human booked the hotel, her last £10 wasn’t quite enough for an extra night!

it was a year since we’d lost jed & tito’s human so i paid tribute in the sand…


remembering jed bramwell one year on…


…and toddy

we went back to our favourite cafe for berry cake, a date slice cake and chocolate milkfroth.

9/10 for the berry cake. 10/10 for the milkfroth

junior; “hey – yours is bigger than mine!”


fizz; “oh, did you want a strawberry junior?”


one last cute photo on the beach

the human had the idea to break up the journey home by staying in worcester for the night. it wasn’t until after she’d booked the hotel that she realised that she hadn’t checked how long it would take from bristol (our first stop) to worcester – two and a half hours on top of the two and a half hours from weymouth! *rolls eyes*

tuesday in worcester


wusster cathedral

we didn’t get up very early, so we didn’t have our breakfast very early, so early elevensies was possibly too early in the day for so much chocolate…

10/10 for the chocolatey chocolate chocolate brownie – yummeee


a delicious chocolate chocolate brownie & hot chocolate

we had a stroll round worcester, trying not to get lost, and after lunch we went in  the cathedral. my human started whistling ‘jerusalem’ which made a beautiful noise with the acoustics – it’s a good job she didn’t start singing else even the church mice would have scarpered!


the cathedral up close

when we went back to pick up our cases from the hotel we had a walk along the river – i’d never seen so many swans in one place!


swans galore!

i won’t bore you with our tortuous journey home, but we got in one and a half hours late…

but apart from that it was a very enjoyable holibobs.

cheery pop *waves* xx

4 thoughts on “weymouth by train

  1. We love reading about your holibobs Fuzzy & now human has finally got a WordPress account, we can comment too!

    You all look so cute and love your tribute to Jed and Toddy xx

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