york and beyond

me sydney & brother ellis travelled up to york the last week in march to see the dafty-dils.


are we nearly there…?

when we got to york we decided to go on a bit of wall that has yet to be explored – behind the minster – it was nice to see it from a different angle.




don’t look down – yellow and white



dessert(s) of the day; ellis – lemon & poppy seed cake 10/10 sydney – choccy cake with choccy top 8/10 from goji’s

on wednesday morning we went along the wall, then circled back to the station to catch a train to scarborough.


getting braver

the last time the human went to scarborough was when she was quite young – it rained every day for two weeks! she couldn’t remember much about it other than it rained every day for two weeks!


the harbour – we love boats!

the human (in her wisdom) decided to go around the headland to a second beach (we hadn’t seen the first yet!) so we walked and we walked and we walked and finally got round to the beach. we saw some colourful beach huts in the distance so went to investigate…


double decker beach huts

i’m sure you don’t need to know this, but my human needed to spend a penny and it cost forty pennies!



view from the north bay

we were very relieved to see that there was a bus stop close by and even more relieved that we didn’t have to walk back. we got off at the harbour and walked to the lighthouse.


the long castle


don’t jump!


no sign of rain yet

we walked towards the first beach and decided to pop into an amusement arcade and played pac-man ball which was very fun :o)


spending tuppence


view from south bay beach

as we’d already done a lot of walking, we had a ride up the steep hill in a cliff lift


one tram up one tram down


view from the top

we liked scarborough very much and i’m sure we’ll be back for a visit.

desert of the day; ellis – south bay beach 8/10 sydney – north bay beach 9/10 i liked the beach huts and surfers.

thursday, the plan was to catch a train to knaresborough at midday, but first we found some cake for elevenses.



dessert of the day; carrot and walnut cake 9/10 i’d have liked it a bit spicier.

we went to catch the train, but it was cancelled so we got our money back and after lunch decided to go to the railway museum – we may have been once or twice before!




i bet paddington is missing his trolley


an old lorry


ready to drive the train


lots of red flowers

as it was a nice day we also had a ride on the mini train in the south yard – not very scenic, but we always enjoy riding on trains.

dessert of the day; flapjack from york station lobby – there was a lot of choice and i chose a choccy & coconut topped one 8/10

no, i haven’t already had cake today… tra la laa…

friday morning, we walked along the wall then down some steps along the river and into some gardens


hyacinth bouquet


ruins of the abbey

dessert of the day; lemon cake 9/10 and a hot choc 6/10 not very chocolatey :o<

all too soon it was time to make our way to the station to go home



another great visit to york – and scarborough!

*waves* sydney & ellis xx

6 thoughts on “york and beyond

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos and blog! We so much LOVE to read about your adventures on your miniboobs!

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