junior and fizz popp – the beatles revisited

hello it’s me, junior (brown bear), and fizz popp.

tuesday, early march we set off up north to chester….


on one of the three trains

we arrived mid afternoon and had a walk around the shops and stopped off at a cafe to have threesees threesies some cake and hot chocolate.


at the jaunty goat

dessert of the day – lemon & poppy cake; very lemony 10/10

on wednesday, we bought a hop on/hop off train ticket and starting off at ellesmere port, went to the national waterways museum – we had an annual pass from when we went to gloucester that also got us in to this one.


anchors away

it was much bigger than gloucester’s museum – both inside and out.

there was a row of houses, built in 1833 with each of the four interiors dating from a different era from the 1830s up to the 1950s. it was very interesting – we especially liked the flying ducks.


porters row


quack quack

upstairs in the warehouse there were lots of things to see.


embroidery boat




it says nowt about bears


a crochet’d neddy-clops


the stable


o miles

we really enjoyed our visit and bought a tea towel with narrow boats on before we went to catch a replacement bus to birkenhead.

we were going to go on to hoylake but when we got to the station we caught a train to west kirby because on the side of the train it had a picture of a sandcastle at west kirby! we didn’t build a sandcastle though.


on the empty beach


fizz: between a rock & a hard place

desert of the day; west kirby beach 9/10

we travelled on to liverpool and after a few minutes of watching the downpour outside the station, decided to visit the beatles along the waterfront.


paul, george, ringo & john

then went to the museum of liverpool to see the john & yoko exhibition again. something that we hadn’t noticed the first time was a small room at the back showing the full video for ‘imagine’. we also got a badge each (free).

we went back to liverpool on thursday morning, looked in a few shops – boring! – then travelled back to birkenhead for lunch and a hot chocolate, then back again over the mersey to liverpool (well, under the mersey!)


a BIG hot chocolate


take out cake

dessert of the day; red velvet cake with pretty things on top – looked nice but didn’t have a lot of flavour 8/10

as we didn’t want to do shopping, we decided to just see where our legs took us and very quickly we ended up at the famous cavern club, so decided to go in and could hear singing – could it be paul mccartney? yes? no, of course not but he was very good.

we stayed about an hour until ‘paul’ left and ‘john’ started singing (dreadful!)


the cavern!


listening to ‘paul’


two cute bears…and paul


lambanananana (or something)

on friday we walked in to town (chester) and starting near the cathedral walked around the city wall




up the steps to a corner turret thingy




both; “yikes!”

we got about half way round the city wall, then took a short cut through town to have lunch (and a hot chocolate – of course!) and before setting off for home we just had time for an ice cream each!


not quite the weather, but…

dessert of the day; a tub of chocolate ice cream for fizz, and vanilla for me – yummy/10

bye for now, junior & fizz signing off :o) ;o)

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